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Dads, Kiss Your Sons (hardcover)

Dads, Kiss Your Sons (hardcover)

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Terrified to Become a Dad? So Was I.

"Fear is often our first response when we discover we are going to be fathers. We talk to just about everyone we know or search for quick answers to give us some sense of confidence to see our way through the unknown ahead. But what if you didn't have a dad? What if you didn't have role models to follow? What if the whole idea of being a dad is so completely foreign to you that quantum mechanics seems easier to master? That's my story along with becoming everything to my son that I never had growing up." -Mark Craven

As a teacher and coach in higher education, Mark Craven has researched numerous behavioral studies as well as the biology of neurological systems pointing to insights for new and expectant dads to adhere in Dad's, Kiss Your Sons, bringing a whole new level of significance to being a dad.

The current generation of dads has made fatherhood a part of their self-identity. They are seeking resources and feeling that there aren't enough content-related resources available to them.

Dad's, Kiss Your Sons is the book every dad needs.

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